Acne Vulgaris Causes

Acne Vulgaris Causes  


There are many acne vulgaris causes, but the main reason behind its appearance lies in the blocked pores in the skin and this blocks the follicle ducts and leads to acne. Acne vulgaris is an inflamed, chronic atopic dermatitis that produces acne vulgaris pimples and spots, particularly on the facial area, back, shoulder, neck, upper arms, chest, shoulders, and even behind the ears. The condition often happens when the follicle ducts are blocked by dead skin cells, debris, oil, and/or sebum, resulting in blemishes in the skin. 


There are many acne vulgaris causes, including: skin irritation, inflammation, acne, and also acne vulgaris causes due to: skin trauma, wound dressing, pigmentation, aging, extrusion, injection, implantation, and acne scarring. Skin irritation is the most common acne vulgaris causes, as it refers to acne that appears due to skin irritation. Skin rashes are also one of the acne vulgaris causes, particularly due to allergies. In addition, skin injury may result to acne; these include injuries received during sports, falls, burns, puncture wounds, cuts, swelling and bruising. Skin trauma can also cause acne vulgaris, as the lesions tend to bleed, causing the spots and blemishes to appear. Acne scars are also caused due to injury, as the scars are usually black or reddish in color and appear after a few years. 


Some of the causes of acne vulgaris that are not due to skin problems include hormonal changes, pigmentation, aging, extrusion, injection, implantation, birth defects, and acne scarring. Hormonal changes can affect the sebaceous glands and lead to increased production of sebum. Pigmentation occurs as a result of increased production of melanin. These factors can result to the development of acne vulgaris causes due to hormonal changes and pigmentation. Aging, especially rapid aging, can damage the skin, as the effects of aging include the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne lesions, as well as age spots. 


Acne Vulgaris Medication – 3 Simple Steps to Clear Your Acne Quickly 


Do you suffer from acne vulgaris? You are not alone, as acne affects millions of people around the world. Many people have tried everything that they can think of to rid themselves of this horrible disease but unfortunately, acne vulgaris is a stubborn and persistent enemy. In this article, we will look at acne vulgaris medication and how it can be used effectively to finally get rid of your acne. 


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Acne vulgaris TreatmentAcne Scar Treatment – Treating Your Acne Scars in a Natural Way 


An alternative approach to acne scar treatment called cryolipolysis is also known as laser resurfacing. Cryolipolysis is a process in which an area of acne scar tissue is physically removed from the skin using a microkeratome. The purpose of this treatment with any power tool is to physically efface the rough edges of the acne scar and then end with a tightening and general retouching. Now, traditional laser resurfacing might involve fractional resurfacing or ablative techniques and traditional ablative methods may not be effective in all types of acne scarring. The patient should consult the dermatologist or plastic surgeon about the best solution for his type of acne scarring. 


A second popular alternative acne scar treatment used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons is the nonconsumable dermal filler. Dermatology practice uses a variety of methods in order to fill out the lines and depressions that are left on the face and body after acne scarring. A nonconsumable dermal filler, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, or collagen, is injected into these depressions. The filling material fills up the area and leaves a smoother appearance than the surrounding skin. These fillers can be injected in the deep wrinkles around the eyes or the nasolabial folds. 


Collagen injections into the atrophic scars are also common. In this procedure, collagen is taken from another part of the body and injected into the depressed region. Collagen can either be taken from the patient’s own body or from a body donor. Collagen can be combined with liposuction (lipo) fat transformation or other surgical procedures. Many patients prefer collagen because it doesn’t require any surgery. The only postoperative issue is the possible infection of the dermal filler. 


Acne vulgaris causes

The last dermal filler option is the use of fat transfer. Fat from another part of the body is injected under the scars so that they will fill up and appear less noticeable. Fat transfer can be performed under the upper lip, behind the ears, and along the natural hairline. 


There are several options available for acne scars treatment today. The techniques used to treat acne scars vary according to the type of scarring that is present. Most patients go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for an appropriate treatment plan. It’s important to remember that there is no magic solution for acne scars; however, there are several different treatments available to make them less prominent or eliminate them altogether. 


The newer laser technology offers a new option for those who want to eliminate their facial acne scarring without having to deal with painful surgery. A laser resurfacing procedure can smooth away the skin with the use of a handheld laser. The results of the procedure are immediate and it is non-invasive. The first laser resurfacing procedure was performed on patients with vitrectomy (a.k.a. “body sculpting”), but more advanced laser resurfacing procedures have now been approved by the FDA.