We will review and give some infomations about Acne Vulgaris Definition. Acne vulgaris defintion  is very popular lately, but how effective is it?

Myths about acne vulgaris

Contrary to certain ideas that circulate, acne is not caused by poor hygiene of the skin, nor by a great sexual activity;

Diet is not considered a cause of acne. However, in some cases, acne can be aggravated by one or more specific foods.

Possible complications

The deeper lesions (cysts) can leave scars.The prolonged presence of many pimples or lesions on the face and body can damage the image and self-esteem, especially among teenagers. It can increase stress in social relationships.

Acne Vulgaris Definition and Information

Symptoms of acne

  • The face, neck, and thorax are the regions with the most sebaceous glands. That’s why acne focuses on it.
  • Open comedones or blackheads: a blackhead appears because the sebum-skin cell mixture changes color upon coming into contact with the air;
  • Closed comedones: come in the form of white buttons. They are caused by the crowding and dilation of hair follicles due to excess sebum;
  • Papules: These are red buttons. Redness indicates inflammation. They can be sensitive to touch;
  • Pustules: These are lesions containing pus. They can be red at their base and sensitive to touch. They are formed when the obstruction of the follicle causes an accumulation of bacteria;
  • Nodules: These lesions are larger, deeper and more painful to the touch than pustules. They are hard to the touch;
  • Cysts: like nodules, they form balls, but are located deeper under the skin.

What is acne vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris Definition and Guide for Patients

Acne is a disorder, probably genetically determined, of the pilosebaceous follicle.

Acne is a very common reason for consultation: it affects nearly 70% of adolescents.

It is a disease of the sebaceous pilose follicle which associates several well identified anomalies:

  • A hyperproduction of sebum: it is a fatty secretion which is produced by the sebaceous gland, active under the influence of the hormones produced by the testicles and the ovaries, the androgens, and which begins before puberty
  • An obstruction of the follicular canal thus preventing the normal elimination of sebum with the formation of micro cysts or blackheads
  • Inflammation due to the proliferation of microbial agents
  • It is in adolescence that the lesions appear on the face, the chest and the back.

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Acne: the combined treatment

It is the combination of a local treatment with an oral treatment using either zinc or cyclins associated or not with hormone therapy (pill effective on acne) in the girl or the woman . Given the latest information on thromboembolic risks, the choice of the oestroprogestatif (pill) in an acne woman in need of contraception is positioned on a pill containing levonorgestrel, first intention and in case of failure at 6 months, norgestimate.

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