We will give some informations about Acne Vulgaris Treatment Methods. Acne vulgaris treatment methods are very popular these days but how effective is it?

Acne in adults: what is it?

Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands: those who make the sebum, the fat necessary for the formation of a protective film on the face. Small pimples or small cysts open on the surface of the epidermis and the sebum is oxidized in the air, blackens thus forming the black dot also called comedone in dermatology. The cysts can also sometimes crack and cause inflammation, it is the red button or papule and this inflammation will liquefy the sebum prisoner.

Acne Vulgaris Treatment Ways for Patients

The obturation of the sebaceous glands may be due to a thicker sebum secreted in large quantities and more particularly under the action of hormonal secretions including androgens. These hormones, known as skin disorders, are produced in large quantities during adolescence in boys and in smaller quantities in women by the ovaries and adrenal glands. This sebum becomes thick then causes a multiplication of superficial cells of the skin and clog pores. In addition, in this environment rich in fat, a bacterium usually present in small amounts on the skin proliferates, it is called Propionibacterium acnes and then causes an inflammatory response from the skin.


Acne Vulgaris Treatment Information for Cheap

There are different acne lesions:

  • Black dots in the pores also called open comedones.
  • White dots slightly bulging and hard or closed comedones: they are closed microcysts.
  • Red pimples without pus called papules often closed and sensitive to pressure.
  • Red pimples with pus called pustules that are often bulky and painful.
  • Finally, the severity of acne is evaluated according to the affected areas: face, back, chest.
  • We are talking about : Minor acne when some comedones appear on the face.
  • Acne mean when in addition to comedones occur papules and red pustules that invade more or less the face and can win the shoulders, back …
  • Severe acne when nodules and cysts appear in addition to other existing lesions and these nodules may leave significant scars.

For more information about the acne reasons and treatment methods, stay tuned us for the detailed information about acne vulgaris. We everyday sharing new articles and information about the acne vulgaris and different solutions about it. If you have multiple problems about acne vulgaris, there are different treatment methods about it. Just learn and apply at home, it is easy, do not worry.

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