We will review and give some informations about Beauty Treatments For Acne Vulgaris. Pimple and acne scar are very popular these days but how effective treatment ways?

Acne in adults: why acne occures on body?

Late acne is not necessarily a memory of youth, it can appear around 30 years and is then different from acne of adolescents, especially:

– By its location rather on the chin, the mandibles and the back.

– By the form with the lesions in smaller numbers but with a predominance of nodules.

Apart from the fact that, in adult women, the intensity of acne clearly varies according to the menstrual cycle (the progesterone produced at that time stimulates the sebaceous glands) with a push of pimples before and during menstruation, that it fades in general until the next cycle. Some oral contraceptives can improve acne but many of them can accentuate it especially if they contain progesterone derivatives. For all other cases of acne in adults, many unknowns remain!

Acne Vulgaris Treatment

Beauty Treatments For Acne Vulgaris on Women and Men

In fact, the reasons are not all perfectly known but, in the first intention, the acne of the adult woman must be searched for an excess of male hormones (excess of hair on the body, hair loss, disorders of the rules and weight gain). If these signs are present the doctor can perform an ultrasound of the ovaries and a dosage of hormones in the blood but most often acne is not associated with hormonal abnormalities. Indeed, to date, the acne of the adult woman has no known explanation even if the role of cosmetics, pollution, stress and genetic factors is visibly known.

Regarding genetics it has been shown to play a role in acne with family forms of acne and if both parents are affected then the adolescent and the future adult may suffer from acne.

The adult man is not spared either, but the localization is then most often at the level of the back, which causes less reasons for consultation and need for treatment. In addition, laser and drug acne vulgaris treatment methods are also available.


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Beauty Treatments For Acne Vulgaris Disease

So what causes acne? Genetics, hormones, hygiene, sun, … it is necessary to know that they are multiple but share a constant: the presence of this bacterium Propionibacterium acnes whose multiplication is favored by the ebum and allows him to colonize microlesions to develop and create a reaction inflammatory. The stress ? Yes ! It seems that stress participates in the occurrence of acne by the large amount of nerve cells close to the sebaceous glands. These nerve cells that are exposed to stress can produce a substance that stimulates the production of sebum. Find our article to better manage stress

The sun: a fake friend? Yes because after an almost immediate improvement following a solar exposure, it does not last and the period of secondary thickening of the skin will then aggravate the manifestations of acne by a rebound effect. In addition, the sun can pigmentation and brown acne scars. Of course tobacco is an aggravating factor because of the impact it has on the skin by sealing the skin channels and especially the sebaceous glands.You should also research acne treatment at home.

Good news, the food is innocent because no serious scientific work could demonstrate that a link existed and especially with chocolate or cold cuts. However some studies show that the high consumption of refined products, white bread, pastries, processed products … would stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.

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