We will review and give detailed informations about Best Acne Treatment Available in The World in our website. Pimple treatment is popular but how effective is it?

Acne: what are acne treatments?

Practical advice :

A number of simple and practical measures can limit the appearance of these unsightly buttons:
– Do not touch or pierce the pimples and comedones yourself, this only aggravates acne and brings a high risk of infection of the lesions.

– Limit tobacco and stress.

– The cleaning of the skin must be done with suitable products and the areas affected by acne must be cleaned without rubbing. In addition, laser and drug acne vulgaris treatment methods are also available.

Acne Vulgaris Treatment

Best Acne Treatment Available in The Medical Sector

– Do not use antiseptic, alcoholic or degreasers.

– Marseille soap is not recommended despite its natural connotation because it develops a basic pH, irritating and drying the skin.

– No aggressive scrubs or only according to the advice of the dermatologist.
– Use of anti-acne cleansers, shaving cream, disposable razors and moisturizer for the day and night specific for oily skin.

– Systematic use of a cream with an integrated solar filter.

– Give priority to the choice of suitable makeup cosmetics (ask your pharmacist for advice).
– To shower directly at the end of a sporting effort (advised to oxygenate your skin) so that sweat does not irritate the acne lesions.

– Be careful to have clean hair so that a falling fringe on the front irritates and stimulates the sebaceous glands of this area.

– The diet can still provide some solutions and especially with foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin C.


Best Acne Treatment Available : Local Treatments

Many of the local acne treatments are over-the-counter in pharmacy and they are very active in treating moderate acne. However, in case of major lesions, severe forms of acne (cystic acne), scarring, failure of local treatments or a strong psychological impact then it will be advisable to consult the doctor and / or a dermatologist. You should also research acne treatment at home.

For the local treatment in free access in pharmacy this one will associate:

– A skin hygiene based on the toilet with a gel, a dermatological bread, a cleansing care adapted.
– Local anti-acne treatment.

– Vitamin supplementation with zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, yeast … advised by your pharmacist.
Local anti-acne treatment usually consists of a gel or lotion containing one of the 3 active ingredients effective in the treatment of acne:

– Benzoyl peroxide which reduces the formation of sebum and fights against the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes.

– Local retinoids: adapalene, isotretinoid, treinoide which are derivatives of vitamin A.

– Local antibiotics.

Some of these products are freely available without a prescription, so ask your pharmacist for advice.

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