We will review and give informations about Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act for Acne Vulgaris.

Consultation of a doctor for acne vulgaris

When the lesions are very important, including severe and extensive forms of acne and scars occur on the lesions, or simply because acne is a real cosmetic damage that can have a very strong psychological impact, then the consultation of a doctor and / or dermatologist is required.

Your doctor or dermatologist examines the skin and adjusts the treatment:

– A treatment with local action is usually proposed with or without an oral treatment consisting of antibiotics. These antibiotics are from the family of cyclins (doxycycline). This treatment is reserved for inflammatory, long-lasting and extensive acne or persons who can not withstand the application of benzoyl peroxide. This treatment has an average duration of 3 months. In addition, laser and drug acne vulgaris treatment methods are also available.

Acne Vulgaris Treatment Product

Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act for Acne Disease

– In case of failure of oral treatment or acne very severe and disabling then treatment with isotretinide may be considered. The first prescription must be made by a dermatologist and includes a follow-up booklet for young women and a mandatory prescription of an oral contraceptive method because treatment with isotretinide has a teratogenic effect (malformation of the fetus) major. The dermatologist also ensures before the treatment of the absence of pregnancy and a pregnancy test must be performed every month for the duration of the treatment. A care and contraception agreement is signed by the patient. In addition, blood tests will be prescribed during this treatment to check blood lipids and liver enzymes in treated patients.

In adults treated with isotretinide, very dry skin occurs, so do not hesitate to seek advice from the doctor or pharmacist for the use of moisturizing and relipidant skin treatment for the duration of treatment.

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Treatment of acne by herbal medicine

In herbal medicine, there are herbal products that are very active in the care of acne skin but it is especially burdock which is found in major use as a drainer of the skin and antimicrobial in oral administration (capsules) but also in local application with a cotton bud on the buds with a mother tincture of burdock.

Other plants are traditionally used in the treatment and care of oily and acne-like skin such as wild pansy (capsules, drinkable ampoules …) or stinging nettle (tinctures, capsules, drinkable ampoules …).

In local use, it is possible to use aloe-based gels and oat-based baths and shower gels that have a soothing effect on skin irritations. You should also research acne treatment at home.

In any case, ask your pharmacist for advice on acne problems.

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