We will review and give detailed informations about Foods To Avoid When You Have Acne Vulgaris. Acne vulgaris is very popular, how to treat them with foods?

Foods To Avoid When You Have Acne Vulgaris: Though usually treated with prescription drugs, healthy lifestyle factors, such as your diet, do play an important part in treating and even eliminating acne. This brief article reviews which foods to avoid and eat, and the importance of nutritional supplements to help control and improve acne. First, let’s look at the foods to avoid when you have acne.

Foods To Avoid When You Have Acne Vulgaris


Milk is full of fat and calories, both of which can contribute to your acne. As such, it should be avoided if possible. Other milk products, like cream or butter, are okay. However, try to consume as little dairy foods as possible. These include yogurt, ice-cream, chocolate, and other dairy foods that are high in sugar and low in nutrition.


All refined sugars (including glucose) are bad for your body, and your skin in particular. In order to maintain good health, you need to limit your intake of them. Sweet fruits and vegetables are the best diets for those with acne, because they contain little to no sugar. Additionally, the artificial sweeteners used in processed foods can also contribute to acne problems.

Acne vulgaris causes

Eating Habits

As noted above, certain foods contribute to acne symptoms and outbreaks. So, what foods can you generally expect to experience an outbreak? The first culprit is milk, followed by sugar, cheese, eggs, and breads. If you often have an upset stomach after eating certain foods, then this could be a sign that your immune system is not working properly. A weak immune system can increase acne severity due to a number of reasons. It can weaken your digestive system, resulting in excess acid build-up in your intestines, increased acne severity due to increased bacteria, and increased acne incidence among your teen-agers.


Also avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas, and anything else that contain caffeine. Caffeine can cause an increased oil build-up in your skin. This can lead to clogged pores and inflammation, which can make your condition worse. Also do not consume meat and dairy products, which can actually worsen your condition. As a result of these foods not providing the right nutrients to your skin, they can cause acne breakouts.

Fruit and vegetables

Foods to eat for acne vulgaris treatment include fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and protein-rich foods such as fish and beans. Consuming enough fruits and vegetables will supply enough vitamin A to help balance out your body’s hormones. Whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and protein-rich foods will provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your skin needs to remain healthy and prevent inflammation.

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