We will review and give some informations about Natural Acne Skin Care Tips in our website. Natural acne skin care treatment is very popular lately, but how effective is it?

Acne: inflammatory lesions

The inflammatory phase begins as soon as there is enough bacteria in the sebaceous gland to cause a defense response of the body and inflammation of the follicle.

Papules are elevations of the skin, red, firm and sometimes painful which measure from one to four millimeters. They are surrounded by an inflammatory halo. They may appear spontaneously at this stage or develop on a pre-existing comedo. They express the infection of the sebaceous gland by a microbe, a specific bacterium of acne called propionibacterium acnes, usually present in sebum. At this stage, the infection of the pilosebaceous follicle is superficial but may progress to the pustule stage.

Natural Acne Skin Care Advices for Patients

The pustules surmount the papules, they are frankly inflammatory containing a purulent yellowish liquid. There are several microbes that grow on the same site. This purulent fluid can evacuate or form nodules by breaking in the deep layers of the skin. The nodule is the evolutionary stage following the pustule, with progression of infection to the dermis and hypodermis. The inflammation remains superficial. (see illustration opposite).

Nodules therefore correspond to a deeper attack of the skin and have a long evolution. They are the ones who can leave scars and sometimes have to be evacuated surgically.


Acne: chronic lesions and late consequences

When inflammatory lesions are severe and persist for a long time, they can have consequences on the structure of the skin itself. This is the case in some severe forms of acne, but also on inflammatory lesions that have been manipulated or poorly treated.

Cysts are encapsulated comedones, that is to say surrounded by a fibrous shell that no longer allows drainage of the sebaceous gland outwards. They can persist indefinitely. This type of lesion is mainly found in the back and it is this form of acne, called cystic acne, which most often leaves scars (see illustration above).

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Scars are the most dreaded complication of acne. The disease affecting the face can leave definitive scars. They occur in forms where the inflammation is deep. They can take the appearance of “microcratères” or conversely, scars in relief that correspond to fibrous changes of the skin. In advanced forms, the face can then take on a “hail” appearance.

A very rare complication of acne is called conglobata acne. It is a form of acne that begins in adolescence but gradually extends to the trunk, shoulders, buttocks and roots of the limbs. At the same time, large comedones appear and become inflammatory with the formation of cysts that can fuse and cause multiple scars.

Acne fulminans is a serious development of preexisting lesions of acne that primarily affects men. A sudden thrust is accompanied by fever and sometimes pain in the joints, but the evolution is still favorable.

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