Overview of the treatment of acne vulgaris: Skin care problems in the face is a common and perhaps more prominent than most people realize. For many people, acne is a teenage problem that they just manage to get past by the time they reach their twenties. Others have more serious problems. One common problem is that of acne scarring. 


One of the biggest factors in causing acne is a diet high in sugar and oily foods. A well-balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables, fiber, protein, low fat dairy products and drinking plenty of water will greatly help for acne vulgaris treatment. Consuming less sugar means fewer sweet cravings and fewer chances of getting acne. It will also help to clear up any excess fat on your body and flush out any toxins through detoxification processes. 

Overview of The Treatment of Acne Vulgaris 
Overview of The Treatment of Acne Vulgaris

Water intake 

Try to drink at least eight glasses each day. The water helps with many bodily functions and will flush out bacteria and impurities from your system. It will help your skin to feel healthier and be smoother. Water also helps to control your appetite, which is a big contributing factor to acne breakouts. Be sure to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. 

Stress levels 

Stress can have a direct effect on the oil production in your body which in turn contributes to acne. Try to manage your stress levels as much as possible and find ways to relax and de-stress often. Meditation and yoga can be very helpful in managing stress and calming the mind. You may want to seek the help of a therapist for this part of the healing process. 

Natural remedies 

These include the use of a good quality face wash, toothpaste with Aloe Vera, honey and apple cider vinegar in your shower. There are many other remedies available including prescription medications. However, you should always discuss any new medications with your doctor or dermatologist before taking them. They may have better information or advice for you. 

Natural holistic treatments 

Natural holistic treatments are quite effective for acne treatment at home. There are many different types of herbs that are effective for clearing up acne. Garlic, ginger and Rosemary are all excellent for this type of treatment. You can find these ingredients in most skin care products sold at health food stores. They do not usually require a prescription. 

Prescription drugs 

Acne can be treated with prescription drugs. The most common are Accutane and Retinoids. Retinoids come in the form of pills. They work by drying up excess oils and dead skin cells, which prevent new pimples from forming. The Retinoids can also get deep into the pores to unclog them. 


These are a great option when it comes to topical treatment of acne. The creams do not get into the pores. However, they do help moisturize the skin. Many people recommend topical creams to people who have very sensitive skin. Be sure to research the different brands to find one that is suitable for your skin. 

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