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Acne: a disease that does not only affect adolescents

If in terms of frequency, acne primarily concerns adolescents, it also affects a growing number of adult women. In adolescents, acne lasts on average 3 to 4 years and then, most often, disappears spontaneously between 18 and 20 years. In adult women, acne is an increasingly common reason for consultation and it is estimated that 20% of women aged 25 to 40 would suffer.

Prescription Acne Treatments and Recommendations

The disease is different, the lesions are often in small numbers and the nodules predominate, they evolve by outbreaks. The location is also different, acne mainly affects the lower face and predominates in the mandibles. In this context, acne must first look for signs of hyperandrogenism (excess of male hormones), namely excessive hair on the body, hair loss, disorders of the rules (stop or irregularity) and taking weight. If such signs are present, the doctor will look for the cause using the dosage of sex hormones in the blood and sometimes an ovarian ultrasound. But their presence is rare. Most often acne is not associated with hormonal abnormalities. It is then evoked hypersensitivity of their skin to male circulating hormones. In the absence of clear explanation by blood tests, this acne of the adult woman has no known explanation to date, although the role of cosmetics and stress is evoked, but not yet demonstrated.


Prescription Acne Treatments and Detailed Information

The adult man is not spared by acne either, but in his case, it is the back that is most often affected. This probably explains why there are fewer complaints from the latter.

Causes of acne

Genetics, hormones, hygiene … the causes of acne are multiple, but share a constant, the involvement of a germ, the propionibacterium acnes whose proliferation is favored by the retention of sebum.

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Acne and genetics

Genetics play a role in acne. There are indeed family forms and if, for example, two parents are affected, the acne of their child will be more difficult to treat. On the other hand, there are certain populations, near the polar circle, or in isolated islands of South America, which are not affected by acne without it being known whether it is a protection due to heredity or if their lifestyle, particularly their diet, does not allow the disease to develop.

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